Our mission is to provide clothing and accessories that replicates the Pop Smoke Pipes way of life. We want to build a community of like minded people and use our platform to raise money for Military supporting charities mainly focusing on Mind Health and Wellbeing.

Pop Smoke Pipes is an idea formed by two individuals with over 40 years combined Military service. We strive to bring adventure to every part of our lives and love to share the journey.

You can be sure there is no other team like this one so join us on our adventures and become part of the Pop Smoke Pipes community.

“Life is all about the adventure and when it’s time to Pop Smoke, move on to the next big thing”

We don’t attach any singular meaning to this motto, everyone’s journey is unique to them. However, life is too short for monotony and negativity, challenge yourself at every opportunity and reap the rewards of being out of your comfort zone.
Most importantly, if it doesn’t feel right, Pop Smoke and move on to the next adventure.

Click here to find out more about our charity work including our efforts for Op Courage and raising funds for Veterans Mental Health.

“To call for air extract with a smoke grenade. (military slang) To throw smoke grenades as a means of cover or escape during battle.”

“Because the device is often used to provide a safe retreat for troops after a mission, the term of pop or popping smoke, came to be associated with departure. So, when the Soldier says he’s going to pop smoke, he is saying it’s time for him to leave.”

Our Featured Product

Our exclusive Survival Knife… Click an image in our product showcase gallery below to see this product up close.

Each survival knife is a stunning hand made edition giving you something truly bespoke and not mass produced.

Steel forged, tempered and hardened finished then paired with the stabilised maple birch wood with blue dye. Shaped and finished with brass Corby bolts and laser etched with the PSP logo wrapped with it’s own custom leather sheath ready to be deployed straight on to your EDC belt.



Take a peek at Pop Smoke Pipe’s premium product; the Pipes themselves. This is where the journey started – two Military men on their adventures enjoying a bowl together. These are top quality, well made, briar smoking pipes with the PSP Operator lasered on for that unique touch. We guarantee we have a pipe in our arsenal to suit your needs be it on a camping trip, at a wedding or celebration or even at the top of a mountain – we’ve got you.



Take a peak at some of the latest PSP offerings with branded items for all budgets. from survival knives to enamel mugs we got you covered, browse our range today and discover the right fit for you and your adventures.



A fine set of apparel to ensure you are looking right when out and about.



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